Bar One – Deep Straits feat Tony Lakatos




Deep Straits is the brainchild of pianist John Dip Silas (MY), bassist Jonathan Ho (SG) and drummer Benjamin Low (SG). With origins dating back to 8 years ago, the trio has been an active presence in South-East Asian jazz scene, hosting and performing with foreign jazz luminaries such as Valtinho Anastacio (BR), Michael Simon (NL) and Alex Graham (US), to name a few. The group has since developed to become a symbol of cross-border musical collaboration, friendship and a celebration of Straits culture in itself. The trio pushes the interpretive and structural limits of jazz improvisation and performance through their creative efforts to hone and shape a new, international sound that nevertheless respects the jazz language, form and tradition and their shared Straits heritage. In appreciating the past while looking to the future, Deep Straits finds itself firmly in the here and now. No Black Tie is thus proud to present Deep Straits and Tony Lakatos in a live album release that was recorded at the famed No Black Tie on 6th January 2018, and released at the 2018 Borneo Jazz Festival.
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